Pharrell Williams to open Untitled, a huge new residential development in Toronto

By Kathryn Kyte

Award-winning recording artist Pharrell Williams wants us to “live our lives untitled.” Many may know the multi-talented star for his work in music, but Pharrell has also had a strong hand in fashion and visual art, forging collaborations with Chanel, Adidas and Human Made. And now with Untitled, he can add property development to his trove.

Unveiled to a cast of people at Toronto’s Yonge and Dundas Square on Nov. 5, the new two-tower residential space comes in partnership with Reserve Properties and Westdale Properties , two of the city’s most buzzed about developers. This is Pharrell’s first foray into a multi-residential development, and it will open at Yonge and Eglinton streets. Sales for units will start in 2020.

“My thing isn’t about the size, it’s democratizing the great taste,” Pharrell explained in a Q&A provided by organizers. “What got you into the building is the lobby, what’s going to keep you are how honest the units are and the consistency of what got you in there.”

He compares the development to the vibe of a song: A flowing captivation that carries us through time and space. To him, a tune and a living space are very much the same.

Pharrell took over three screens at Yonge and Dundas Square in Toronto to announce the project. Photo: © Kathryn Kyte

“It’s how a song sounds in the very beginning that attracts you, but it’s what the lyrics really mean that keeps you. It’s the lobby and the outside that gets your attention, but what makes you purchase a unit, even in the smallest unit, [is] that consistency and that level of honesty that we didn’t just bait you there,” Pharrell explained.

The acclaimed singer/songwriter played an integral role in the development process. For the past year, he has been working on the interior of Untitled, even picking out the textiles and furnishings that have made it into the rooms. There’s a real push for harmony between private and common areas, and the midtown Toronto property comes with 750 units “split between two towers and a joint podium.”

Music, art and infinite coolness are what Pharrell highlights Toronto will get with Untitled. He will be in town come early 2020 for the official release and when sales for units open.

“When they see the building, when they walk into the building, we wanted to make sure that everyone had a feeling. [That] it continues to give you the message of this amazing vibration of being home. You make it you. It’s universally beautiful, but there’s enough space for you to get into it yourself,” Pharrell said in a video projected on multiple billboards during the launch announcement.

“It’s untitled because we wanted to leave space for you,” he added.

The building's two towers are set to be a massive addition to the rapidly developing, increasingly dense midtown Toronto neighbourhood. Photo: © Norm Li

Pharrell worked with Mansoor Kazerouni from IBI Group and designers from U31 to enhance the experience of Untitled, creating a visual interpretation using his song “Gust of Wind” as a reference point. Choosing the song was an important ingredient.

“I just felt like it needed to be something that was elemental because we’re talking about a structure that is going to either complement the elements or suffer the elements. I thought that ‘Gust of Wind’ has a lot of movement,” said Pharrell. “If you look at the string parts, it’s very, if I may say so myself, effortlessly complicated---another word for that is sophisticated---there’s a level of sophistication to the different layers of strings.”

For him, the key element was water and space and what permeates from this.

“As soon as you pull up, because everything is all the same level, with the driveway and the walkway and the garden you will feel this continuous feeling of everything moving. The water is moving outside, you get inside and the water continues to move. You go to a different room [and] the water is in there as well. There’s this continuous flow of motion that’s recharging to people,” he says.

The gym comes equipped with “warm, pink accents and notes” that are there to help “trigger us as humans, reminding ourselves that we’re alive.” At the very core it’s about a “collective energy” that will encourage spending more time together, whether that is family or friends, says Pharrell.

“Being able to apply a range of my ideas and preferences to this new medium of structure, what was going through my head was just the gratitude, and knowing that when given an opportunity like this, that I was going to do my best to swerve and do my best to really just give it my all,” he furthers.

More on Untitled can be found at its official website.

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