Take five with... Kimberley Newport-Mimran: Fashion Week Must-Haves

No two days are alike during World Mastercard Fashion Week, and no one knows that better than Pink Tartan designer Kimberley Newport-Mimran.

While she's been preparing her Fall/Winter looks for the runway, the statuesque designer has also been readying to take The Shopping Channel by storm with a capsule collection of pretty staples, like a floral trench coat that will sell for $395.

Here, the star tells us about some of the things that keep her going with so many things on her plate, and as she gets set to unveil her latest collection at fashion week (March 17 to 21 at David Pecaut Square in Toronto).


Fashion week is incredibly busy. As a Virgo, attention to detail is super-important to me so my team follows a very detailed critical path to ensure everything goes smoothly. Prep includes finalizing looks, music, production, model casting and seating charts. On the day of the show you need to be ready for everything!


During fashion week my favourite things to eat and drink are salads and green juices, they help keep my energy up! There is no time for “me time,” so I often celebrate after the show with a big sigh and a glass of champagne.


My daughter Jacqui is there because she’s on March break. Not only is she my good luck charm, but she also helps me with getting the models ready for the runway.


When it comes to designing a collection I never feel short on inspiration, I often feel like it is more of a shortage of time. Music plays a strong role in inspiring me; I find that it sets the pace and the mood. In the lead up to fashion week, I’ve been listening to songs by the Arctic Voices.


Fashion shows are a fun, fast-paced window into a future season. [Consumers should] bring a good lip colour and a camera, as the show goes so quickly you may want to capture a favourite look. I suggest getting dressed up and enjoying every minute!

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