The celebrity-approved party trick that had me lining up at Holt Renfrew's opening night bash!

Just minutes after David Dixon gave his bow at the end of the runway, the well-heeled crowds departed the tents and headed uptown to Holt Renfrew to revel in even more Canadian fashion. 

The stage was set at the luxury retailers’ shoe floor but gone were the Jimmy Choos and Louboutins and in their place was an army of mannequins dressed head to toe in Canadiana by designers Lida Biday, Marie Saint Pierre and Jeremy Laing, to name a few. 

And although the fashion was eye candy by itself, the biggest draw of the night were
The Bumbys, a performance art duo flown in from New York to entertain party guests – and entertain they did! I was one of many who waited in line upwards of half an hour to have the disguised pair offer “a fair and honest appraisal” of my appearance. 

Armed only with a typewriter and a costume to mask their identity, Jill and Gil Bumby (their stage names, of course) give you the once over and type out a paragraph or two describing their first visual impression of you. While I was expecting them to comment on more obvious things like whether my hair was too blonde or my lipstick was the wrong shade, instead I was presented with an index card of poetry. 

“You’ve got the elegance and sweetness of a ‘90s tennis star” read mine (a nod I’m sure to my flared circle mini-skirt), to which I had to smile. It seems that the pair has even made impressions for a few celebrities, including Zooey Deschanel and Christina Hendricks.

I wonder what their index cards read?

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